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The Suzuki company was founded in 1909 but didn’t start making motorcycles until 1959 with the very modest “Power Free” motorised bicycle. Just over a decade later the sound of Suzuki motorcycle exhausts was heard crossing the line of the Isle of man TT to the chequered flag as they claimed victory in 1962. This meteoric rise to racing success has been the bedrock upon which Suzuki motorcycles development has continued. Now recognised as one of the major motorcycle manufacturers globally, they have a wide and impressive portfolio of machines. Blueflame Performance design and make exhausts and silencers for today’s Suzuki motorcycles.

Suzuki Motorcycle Accessories – Blueflame Exhausts

Inspirational Race Track Success

From the original Isle of Man TT winner, former East German racer Ernst Degner in the 1960’s. Joel Robert retained the World 250cc motocross crown in 1971 on his Suzuki. While on the track, the legendary Barry Sheene, probably the most famous of their racers dominated the 1970’s and the 500cc World Title on the RG500. Success continued in the 80’s with Italy's Marco Lucchinelli, while Kevin Schwantz won the 500cc World Championship on the RGV in 1993. Kenny Roberts Jr. became the World Champion of the GP500 to kick start the 21st Century in 2000, which for Suzuki is their sixth world title…and so it continues right up to the present day. From 4 consecutive Endurance World Championship titles in 2013 to victories at the British GP.

Inspirational Suzuki Motorcycle Accessories

Blueflame Performance take all these inspirational achievements and incorporate this attention to detail and success into our own Suzuki motorcycle accessories. We produce high quality exhausts for a big selection of Suzuki motorcycle models. These products don’t compromise on materials, design or build either. Using a winning combination of titanium, carbon and steel materials and merging it with styling and distinctive colour schemes to produce attachments for single and twin ports, silencers and mufflers.

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If you would like to know more about Suzuki motorcycle exhausts and attachments, please contact us with your enquiries and our highly knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you in finding the right accessory for you and you motorcycle.