BMW Motorcycle Exhaust Parts 

The iconic blue and white BMW badge is synonymous with the automotive industry. And for the brand, it’s their Motorrad branch that takes care of their full portfolio on two wheels. 

Under the Motorrad umbrella, there are a whole host of motorcycles designed specifically for different types of riders. For example, the S1000RR is designed for pole position with unbridled power that pushes your RR to the max.

Blue Flame Performance designs, manufactures and supplies exhausts for all different BMW models, including the R1200, F650, F800, S1000RR, K1200 and the K1300. Made from either high grade titanium, stainless steel or genuine carbon, you can find our range of BMW exhausts and parts online today.

About BMW Motorcycles

Based in Germany, the world of BMW Motorrad is diverse and full of surprises. Having started life as an aircraft engine manufacturer, the company has evolved over time to encompass a wide range of products. In 1923, BMW sped into the motorcycle industry with the unveiling of the R32 motorbike and its world-renowned boxer engine. Following this debut, the company became clear competitors in the industry and the BMW Boxer went on to become the ideal model for professional racing. 

Their record breaking spree continued throughout the late 1920s. On 19th September 1929,following some modifications, the R32 became the fastest motorbike in the world, hitting speeds of 216kph. 

BMW continues to be one of the most innovative changemakers in the motorcycle industry, with their most recent model, the F800R, offering pure motorcycling pleasure with great everyday usability. 

Blue Flame Performance Exhausts For BMW 

Blue Flame Performance has designed and built over 250 different BMW motorcycle exhausts. Blending our passion for motorcycles and expertise in design and bespoke manufacturing to create high-performance parts and silencers. From our base in central Staffordshire, we are renowned amongst the motorcycle community as experts in our field with an unmatched range of products, high standards and quality service. 

If you would like to know more about what we have to offer, or can't find what you are looking for, then get in touch with our team of experts today!