When Performance Matters

Do Blueflame exhaust silencers come with link pipes and clamps?

All Blueflame silencers come with fitting kits including Link Pipes, Clamps, Straps, Brackets, Bolts and Springs where required.

Can I purchase a replacement dB killer for my Blueflame Exhaust?

Yes, these are available for all EVO exhausts. If you’re not able to identify the exact one you require from our accessories store, then email images showing the outlet of your Blueflame exhaust to our sales staff will be able to assist. sales@blueflameperformance.com

Do Blueflame exhaust silencers need re-packing?

Our design and manufacturing processes along with high specification of the materials used our silencers never require re packing.

Will my motorcycle need a remap after fitting a Blueflame Silencers?

All our motorcycle exhausts are engineered so factory settings do not have to be adjusted.

Will my original exhaust need cutting?

In some cases the original exhaust has to be cut to remove it from the vehicle to enable fitting of a Blueflame silencer. Where cutting is necessary detailed instructions are supplied.

What power gains can I expect from fitting a Blueflame Exhaust?

Each motorcycle is different so it’s not possible to state a specific amount. We have found through testing that gains between 2% – 7% can be expected but this can affected by factors like age/mileage and condition of your motorcycle.

Do you offer a product repair service?

Normally we can repair your exhaust but this is dependent on the type and extent of damage suffered, we usually assess the damage by images being emailed to us at sales@blueflameperformance.com

What materials do we used to produce a Blueflame Exhaust?

Only top quality  materials are used to manufacturer our products. Titanium, 304 stainless steel and high temperature carbon fibre produced in-house.