Benelli Motorcycle Exhausts from Blueflame Performance 

Elegant and sporting, Benelli motorcycles are designed to deliver the ultimate riding experience without compromising on comfort. And with Blue Flame, you can improve the performance of your bike with high-quality Benelli motorcycle exhausts made for Tornado 900 models from 2002 onwards.

All of our UK made exhausts, mufflers and silencers are manufactured from either genuine carbon, high grade titanium or 304 stainless steel. They also come with a lifetime corrosion or manufacturing defect guarantee. You can be sure with Blueflame Performance you are getting the best product for your motorcycle that will last for many years to come.

About Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli was founded back in 1911 by the Benelli brothers. As one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Italy, the company began as a small service garage. But the brothers had bigger goals, they wanted to create motorcycles. Ten years later, in 1921, Benelli built its first motorcycle using their own single-cylinder two-stroke 98cc model engine. The rest, as they say, is history!

In more modern history, the release of the Tornado Tre 900 bike in 2002 saw a rejuvinated Benelli enter the scene. And in 2005, Benelli joined Qianjiang Group. But the brand has never forgotten its roots. Benelli continues to ooze pure passion for motorcycles and is still a driving force of innovation in the industry. In recent years, the company has truly gone global and has launched 6 Benelli models in India as well as becoming a well known name in Iran. 

Buy High Performing Benelli Exhausts Today

At Blueflame Performance, we share the same love of motorcycles as the Benelli Brothers. And, as such, we strive to design, manufacture and supply the very best Benelli motorcycle exhausts and silencers on the market. This passion has led us to be well-know amongst the motorbike community and world leaders in exhaust systems.

We understand that the performance of your motorcycle matters, so we use only the very best materials in our manufacturing process. We also work closely with you to create bespoke solutions, providing a specialist end-to-end service based on your individual requirements. For more information about any of our products or services, please get in touch and talk to us about all things motorcyles!